Men’s Skip Day
7th Annual

Friday August 18th, 2023
See pre-party information below

Call  507.312.0185

2023 Skip Day Agenda

House boat deck top

Upstairs deck of the house book.

House boat interior

House boat interior includes large screen TV lounge coach and games.

Games on the house boat


  • 10:30am | Board (my boat) the Mississippi Paradise at Dick’s Marine
    (2nd boat from the fuel dock, Wisconsin side) Enjoy your favorite (or mine) morning cocktail
  • 11:00am | Boat departs from Harbor As we cruise down the Mississippi. We will Feast on catering from:
    • BLACKWATER BBQ ¼ of Brisket, side of Baby Back Ribs
    • Mac & Cheese
    • Baked Beans with sausage
    • Red Beans & Rice, and Rolls
    • We will cruise to Trempealeau Marina bar and stay 1 hour.
    • Cruise to the Damn Saloon and depart at 5pm
  • 5:30pm | We will return to the dock and light up the grill for diner including;
    • Brats and Burgers cocktails, and snacks
      all included
    • Party ends when the state bird (mosquito) cancels us out
    • All this fun for $50

    $50 per person

    Please RSVP ASAP as we have other guests that are wanting to invite other friends.


2 + 2 =


At 8:30am we are setting up a private party at Winona Axe & Arcade

(Winona Mall, old Audio Designs location)

We will meet there and be instructed on how to throw medieval weapons at targets Ax, Cleavers, Spears, Knives, Throwing Stars, Playing Card, Shovels.

  • We need a minimum of 11 people at $30 for 1 hour
  • Even if you cannot throw due to shoulder restrictions, we highly recommend you come to watch the fun, and we will need people to score. There is also an arcade there.
  • Due to the boat size, this will be a limited group.
  • There is little time, and limited space, please text back so we can open our guest list to others.

Please RSVP text by typing back your response NOW.

  • 1st Count me in (yes or no for $30 Weapons)
  • 2nd I’ll check my schedule and let you know
  • 3rd Sorry, can’t make it.
Winona Axe Entrance
Winona Axe activity list
Winona Axe Interior
Winona Axe Target

Here’s some great photos from our previous Men’s Skip Day.

Skip day on go track racing
Skip day on go track racing
Skip day on go track racing
Limo ride back
Laser Tag
Skip day on go track racing
Limo ride back
Laser Tag
Skip day on go track racing