Rental Terms & Agreement

Following are the terms and conditions for suit and tuxedo rentals. The terms include helpful information as well as formal wear return guidelines.

Rental Terms & Agreement

Formal Wear Retainer

Reserving your wedding party order is the first step in assuring you have a formal wear order for your wedding day. Setting up an order through e-Tux by the Wedding Planners requires a one-time retainer fee of $99.00. The retainer fee is a reservation for order cancellation, late returns, damaged items, non-returned items, or additional shipping fees. The retainer fee is refundable, minus any fees attached, three weeks after your wedding. The retainer fee is not refundable if the wedding is canceled or you cancel the e-Tux service, but you can switch your wedding date once within a 30-day notice.

Additional fees can apply for each late returned item. The retainer fee is also a subtotal for subtracted costs from the total. For example, if an item was missed and returned late, a fee of $20.00 is assessed and deducted from the retainer fee. The returned retainer would be $79.00. Note: each item is barcoded and tracked back into the warehouse when the order is received. So, you will know who wore that item and get reimbursed from them. A $99 refundable retainer is required to start the e-Tux service.

Refund Policy

Suit or Tux payments are due when the attendant submits their measurements to the Wedding Planners. Cancellations are accepted up to 16 days before the wedding date for a full refund. Cancellations within 13-15 days of the wedding date receive up to a 50% refund. Refunds are not eligible, and no credit will be given for 12 days up to the wedding date.


Make sure your attendant is aware of their sizes and not guessing. Each attendant should get professionally measured or watch our video instructions. Our online service will do everything possible to make sure all attendants receive notifications. The e-Tux system will be sending you and your attendant’s email reminders to get fitted and send in their measurements and payments. It is essential that we get a current and correct email address for all attendants. All measurements and payments need to be placed 6 weeks before the wedding.

Formal Rental Prices: pricing, discounts, and amenities are based on the quantity rented.

  • 1 – 2 units are $199 for budget tuxedo, $229 designer.*
  • 3 – 5 units are $179 for budget tuxedo, $209 designer.
  • 6 – 16 units are $159 for budget tuxedo, $189 designer.
  • 17 – 25 units are $139 for budget tuxedo, $169 designer.
  • 26 or more units, please contact us for special pricing.

Note: Shoe rental is $30 and suspenders, socks, pocket square are available for purchase.

Delivery Agreement

It is essential someone must be at the selected delivery location when the units arrive to prevent theft. Once the boxes come, they are your responsibility. We will email you an Estimated Arrival Time for your package for an approximate delivery date and time. Orders that cannot be delivered and returned to the warehouse will require you to pay an additional re-shipping fee.

Shipping Terms

Selected Delivery Address

With e-Tux, you will receive the formal wear earlier than the bridal stores will. So, you will have extra time to try on the garments. If you haven’t received all units by the Wednesday prior to your wedding date, or any tracking information, on formal wear arrival time contact us right away.

(Optional) Direct Shipping to Attendant for Single Unit Shipping

Only when the attendant will not be at the Selected Delivery Address by Thursday 4 pm to try on their suit or tux, consider having the it shipped directly to them. Any replacement formal wear requested will be shipped to the Selected Delivery Address.

Shipping to and from Your Location is Included in the Rental Price
  • 1 – 2 units includes 1 free shipping box for measurement errors
  • 3 – 5 units includes 1 free shipping box for measurement errors
  • 6 – 16 units includes 2 free shipping boxes for measurement errors
  • 17 – 25 units includes 3 free shipping boxes for measurement errors
  • We do include free replacement shipping for measurement errors

Please do everything you can to get your wedding party fitted and reorders placed by Thursday by 4:00 pm CST. Any Friday requests will be charged an additional Saturday rush fee. To avoid multiple box shipping fees make sure all your attendant replacements are called in at the same time. We will have tracking numbers so you can track online the location of your parcel for the Estimated Time of Arrival of your order.

Returning Formal Wear

Use original shipping boxes received at the Selected Delivery Address to return all formal units. Any extra empty boxes including single unit delivery boxes do not need to be returned. If you have three or more direct shipping to attendants, we can provide an extra shipping tag, but you will need to find a box for them.

All formal wear must be shipped by Monday, or Tuesday if Monday is a legal holiday. A $20 per day late fee per tux is charged to your card on file. Units shipped after the Thursday of your Wedding are all subject to an additional full rental fee. If you had five suits or tuxes sent out the Friday after your Wedding, your credit card could be charged $1,095 every Friday they were not returned. If all items are returned on time, and no additional fees are incurred, your $99.00 retainer fee will be reimbursed three weeks after your event.

Contract Requirements

missing, damaged, soiled, or destroyed garments, including any accumulated late fees, NSF checks, legal fees, or items described on this contract using the credit card. All items are bar coded. You will know which attendant did not return their item or returned late items so you can get reimbursed from them.

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