unbeatable tuxedo pricing and free shipping return!

$119 – $159

Get Your Formal Wear Shipped Directly to You with e-Tux!

Let’s get started for easy tuxedo orders

  • You can order your tuxedos online or at our office
  • The Wedding Party calls in measurements and payment
  • Your tuxedos arrive the Wednesday before your wedding at your house or selected location
  • No going across town to try on, or back to the shop to pick up non fitting garments, they are shipped out to your location the same day.
  • After your wedding, all tuxedos are then boxed up dropped off at The Winona Wedding Planners or dropped off at your local UPS location.

Let’s get you started for an easy tuxedo order

Tuxedo Online Ordering with e-Tux

How to Order Tuxedo with E-Tux (Step by Step)

Tuxedo vs Suit. Which is the best to wear?

Step 1: How to Order Tuxedos:

In-Person Consultation:

If you are close to Winona stop in our office and we’ll help you choose the right style from our Jim’s Formal Wear books.

Online & Phone:

If you are out of town download our e-Tux form and pricing. Follow the form instructions.

Step 2: Submit Your Order

Email Us:

Just email us your tuxedo selection and Wedding Parties names. Send us back the e-Tux form and then your part is done! Email us your e-Tux form.

Wedding Party Measurement

Have your wedding party get locally measured and phone in their measurements with payment. As your wedding date approaches,​ we will be in contact and let you know who has not been measured.

Step 3: Tuxedos Arrive

Formal Wear Arrival

The Wednesday before your wedding the tuxedos will arrive at your location or The Wedding Planners Office depending upon your choice.

Step 4: Tuxedo Replacements (if ever needed)

In the event you need a replacement

If replacements are needed the convenience of having them shipped to your home is great. You will get them hours faster than waiting for the Tuxedo store to call and let you know they have arrived, then you have to go across town to pick them up.

Many stores will charge for Saturday RED LABEL SHIPPING FEE which can cost up to $50. At The Wedding Planners through e-Tux this service is Free.

Step 5: Tuxedo Returns

Easy returns for every groomsman

You can choose to drop off your Tuxedos at The Wedding Planners or ship them back to Jim Formal Wear Monday after the wedding.

Here’s all the Benefits You Get

Check These Out!

  • Free Grooms Tux with 5 Paid Rentals
  • We don’t charge upgrade Costs on Vest, Ties or Shirts
  • A Deposit is not Required
  • Free Damage Waiver
  • In Store & Warehouse Inventory Avaliability
  • e-Tux Free Home Delivery
  • Saturday Red label Replacements shipping available

No Deposit Required

At the Wedding Planners, we do not take deposits on Tuxedos. There are no penalties to cancel your tuxedo order if you find a better deal. Other stores will lock you into their deal with a deposit so it’s very costly to break that deal.