Online Ordering Coming Soon!

What's coming?

  • Easy self-serve online orders
  • We'll start 2023 orders in October 2022
  • Watch for our regional trade shows
  • Nationwide formal wear order access

Design Your Tux Online

Explore style, color, and options online. You can build a Tux yourself or ask one of our consultants to help with an online appointment.

Build the Perfect Look for Your Wedding Party

Creating a tux online is a fun way to design your preferred look and match the bride’s theme. 

The Build A Tux online application allows you to pick your tuxedo style, color, and options yourself. Already know what you are looking for, or need to explore options to understand what’s possible. The Build A Tux interactive online experience allows you to explore all the possibilities without a commitment to rent or buy.

Learn how to use Build A Tux to design the perfect Tux

Watch our video tutorial on how to Build A Tux online

When you start building your Tux, you will need to create an account if you want to save any options. If you are looking to explore, you can navigate and build as you please.

Step-by-step Build A Tux guide 

Build a Tux Mini Manual and PDF download

Are you looking to create the Groom’s Tux and Wedding Party Tux? We’ll help you along. We’ve created a step-by-step mini manual for choosing the Groom, Groomsmen, and wedding parties formal wear.

Download our PDF step-by-step guide for creating your complete Wedding Party formal wear with BUILD A TUX.

    Concerned about your measurements?

    Watch the video on how to take Tux & Suit measurements. Still unsure? Give us a call or connect with one of our consultants on a virtual video meeting and help you get the right measurements.

    Here’s all the Benefits You Get

    Check These Out!

    • Free Grooms Tux with 5 Paid Rentals
    • We don’t charge upgrade Costs on Vest, Ties or Shirts
    • A Deposit is not Required
    • Free Damage Waiver
    • In Store & Warehouse Inventory Avaliability
    • e-Tux Free Home Delivery
    • Saturday Red label Replacements shipping available

    No Deposit Required

    At the Wedding Planners, we do not take deposits on Tuxedos. There are no penalties to cancel your tuxedo order if you find a better deal. Other stores will lock you into their deal with a deposit so it’s very costly to break that deal.

    Diamond Tux: $209.00 $159.00

    Budget Tux: $169.00 $119.00