Formal Wear Deposit

Next, let’s finish the retainer deposit.

Setting up an order through e-Tux by the Wedding Planners requires a one-time retainer fee of $99.00.

Upon a successful purchase we will email an receipt for your deposit. Thank you!

What is covered in the deposit

  • The retainer fee is a reservation for order cancellation, late returns, damaged items, non-returned items, or additional shipping fees.
  • The retainer fee is refundable, minus any fees attached, three weeks after your wedding.
  • The retainer fee is not refundable if the wedding is canceled.
  • You can switch your wedding date once within a 30-day notice.

Additional fees can apply for each late returned item. The retainer fee is also a subtotal for subtracted costs from the total. For example, if an item was missed and returned late, a fee of $20.00 is assessed and deducted from the retainer fee. The returned retainer would be $79.00.